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Comfort on the Road—Bicycling

Van Support & Custom Bicycles ensure a smooth ride

bike tour guests on their bike tour

Your included VBT bicycle

Ready for you when you arrive, your VBT bicycle has been outfitted to give the most comfortable ride. We use our own bikes to spare you the expense and bother of shipping your own bike, and the risk of damage during transit. Our support team will make sure that your bike is adjusted to give you maximum comfort and performance.

Fuji bike on vbt bike tour 
Hybrid Step-over with upright handlebars

Fuji bike on vbt bike tour
 Hybrid Step-through with upright handlebars

Fuji bike on vbt bike tour 
Road bike with drop handlebars
Gran Fondo 1.5 

Fuji Gran Fondo 1.5 performance road bike

Exclusively on our Colorado Springs: Epic Cycling in America’s West vacation, you’ll ride on the high-tech, high-performance Fuji Gran Fondo 1.5, a road bike with Shimano’s smooth Ultegra shifting and superb Oval Concepts components.

We’ll help you choose the bike that’s right for you

We provide performance hybrids in two frame styles: mixte hybrid and diamond hybrid. Both offer upright handlebars and wider tires for a ride that’s smooth and stable. Diamond hybrids have step-over frames; mixte hybrids have step-through frames. We also offer road bikes on select vacations, ideal for performance riding. Features include diamond frames, drop handlebars, STI brake/shift levers, and narrower, high-pressure tires for less rolling resistance. 

All VBT bicycles include these features:

  • Up to 3 styles (on most trips)
  • 18 to 27 speeds
  • Rapid fire trigger shifters for hybrids, brake/shift levers (Shimano STI) for road bikes
  • Lightweight micro-shell bike helmet
  • Complimentary VBT water bottle
  • Rear rack
  • Detachable rear rack bag with safety reflector
  • Map case
Another feature that I particularly enjoyed was the opportunity to choose easier or more moderate bike routes. My husband likes to challenge himself more than I do, and this tour provided the ideal amount of cycling for us both. We cycled together in the morning, and in the afternoon he would choose the more difficult route and I would do the easier one. When we met up at the end of the day, we were both in a state of complete relaxation and contentment.”  VBT Traveler—Spain

Support vehicles at your service

One of your Trip Leaders will be making sweeps along your route with our outfitted VBT support van, ready to assist in any way. Trip Leaders will designate pre-arranged pick-up points, and you can always flag down the van if you feel like hopping aboard. The van is always stocked with water and healthy refreshments, so even if you don’t want a lift, stop us for a cool drink, a fresh orange, or a crunchy granola bar. We carry the bikes on the van roof or in a trailer.

VBT bicycling vacation rating system

Every VBT vacation is designed to meet the wide variety of fitness levels of our travelers. Each day offers multiple mileage and time options—the choice is yours. And if you find that your pace differs from day to day or from the pace of your companions, there will always be a suitable route option.

   Easy: Perfect for those trying a bike vacation for the first time.

   • Average daily mileage: 15-35 miles
   • Average daily cycling time: Up to 4 hours

  Easy to Moderate: Ideal for energetic beginners to more experienced riders.

  • Average daily mileage: 20-40 miles
  • Average daily cycling time: Up to 5 hours

Moderate to Advanced: Terrain includes more hills. Longer distance options can be very rewarding for those who cycle regularly.

 • Average daily mileage: 25-60 miles
 • Average daily cycling time: Up to 6 hours
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