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Biking Vacation Ireland: Galway & Connemara Coast ​

Activity Level: Easy / Moderate  |  Daily Mileage: 18 – 38 mi  |  Daily Biking: 2 – 5 hr
Pre-trip Extension:
Cork · 2 nights $295

Post-trip Extension:
Dublin · 2 nights $295
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Weather & Climate

Ireland has a somewhat unpredictable but relatively mild maritime climate. Often called the "Land of Perpetual Spring," it is warmed by the passing Gulf Stream. Summer temperatures normally range from the upper 50s –to mid 70s during the day, with nighttime temperatures as low as 50° F (if it is unseasonably cold). No part of the country is more than 65 miles from the ocean, and weather systems move in and out very quickly, thus rapid changes in temperature are common. Locals say that Ireland is a place where you can experience "four seasons in one day!" You need to be prepared for a range of temperatures, including cool days and evenings and/or foggy, rainy periods. The wet and/or cool periods often disappear as quickly as they arrive; however, appropriate rain gear is highly recommended for your comfort. This does not necessarily involve an excess of clothing, just carefully selected items. The following chart of average temperatures in Galway will help you to prepare for your tour.

Average Daily Temperature (High/Low)

° F °C
Apr 53 / 41 12 / 5
May 58 / 46 14 / 8
Jun 61 / 51 16 / 11
Jul 65 / 55 18 / 13
Aug 64 / 54 18 / 12
Sep 61 / 51 16 / 11
Summer months are warmest but can be crowded with tourists. May and June are the sunniest months. September has fewer tourists and is usually dry and sunny but with cooler temperatures. EXPECT RAIN at any time of the year (It's what keeps Ireland green!). Don't leave home without rain gear.
*The above are average temperatures. Actual temperatures may vary depending on developing weather patterns. Please consult a newspaper, the Internet, or a local tourism office prior to your departure for current weather information. 
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