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Walk with Confidence 

Perfect pacing & ongoing support ease your way

A reliable rating system that steers you in the right direction. Perfectly planned routes. Daily options to pace yourself. Vehicle support whenever you need it. And all the tools of the trade, at your fingertips. Whether you’re marching up to Machu Picchu or traipsing through a Lake Como garden, your walks with VBT will always be footloose and fancy free.

Our leisurely approach invites in-depth discovery

It’s not a race—it’s a vacation. Our walking tours are designed to be leisurely paced, with plenty of opportunities for relaxing and spontaneous diversions. You’ll never be worn out by a whirlwind itinerary. We zero in on a particular region, with overnight stays in just three to four locations, each a great home base for further exploration.

A choice of routes

Your Trip Leaders will preview the “coming attractions” each day and explain your various options for routes of varying degrees of challenge, along with the unique scenery and diversions along the way. So you can regulate your activity level based on your energy, your interests, and your whim. If you prefer not to walk at all, you can always stay back at the inn or explore on your own.

Custom maps and all the tools of the trail

We give you a clear, well-marked map for every walk, so you can regulate your day. Then we provide complimentary custom VBT walking poles with straps, so you’re always sure-footed. Each day you may choose to walk with one walking pole, two poles, or without poles.
“Not knowing exactly what we were getting into, a group of us booked the trip to the Amalfi Coast and Capri....The pacing was perfect. The accommodations surpassed our expectations. I am about to turn 70, and the only present I have asked for is another VBT hiking tour.” VBT Traveler—Amalfi Coast & Capri

Why use walking poles?

  • They help you maintain balance when crossing slippery terrain, bending under low branches, or traversing hillsides.
  • They support your knees, legs, feet, joints and back.
  • They can help prevent a fall.
  • You can lean on them, or just use them to push aside brush, debris, spider webs and anything else that impedes your progress or obstructs your view.
  • They are visible markers that help you locate your travel mates on the trail.

Support vehicles and other transport

We occasionally walk from one lodging to the next, with our support vehicle shuttling luggage ahead of us. Our vehicle typically waits at designated checkpoints to offer a lift if you’d like a rest. When this isn’t feasible due to unpaved roads or inaccessible trails, support is never far away because we also use various local resources—perhaps a gondola, a
motorboat or ferry, cable car, public bus, or even a horse-drawn jaunting cart. It’s a great way to provide a helping hand and add some fun.

VBT Walking Vacation Rating System

Every VBT vacation is designed to satisfy a wide variety of fitness levels of our travelers. You’ll have choices of routes with varied terrains and distances each day, so you can walk as much or as little as you wish. If you find that your pace differs from one day to the next, or from that of your traveling companion or group, there will always be a suitable route option.

Easy: Relatively flat terrain. Well-kept paths. Fine for even occasional walkers.

   • Average daily distance: 2–6 miles
   • Average daily walking time: Up to 4 hours

 Easy to Moderate: Ideal for those who walk for a morning or afternoon on a regular
 basis. Footing may be on a variety of surfaces. No extended ascents or descents,  but some  rewarding climbs.

   • Average daily distance: 4–8 miles
                       • Average daily walking time: Up to 5 hours


  Moderate: Suitable for experienced walkers who are comfortable with ascents and
  descents (but no scrambling!). Uneven terrain possible. Elevation gains of up to
  2,000 feet.

   • Average daily distance: 6–10 miles
                       • Average daily walking time: Up to 6 hours
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