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The Joy of Dining with VBT

Every day is a culinary adventure

After a day of active exploration, you’ll glow with accomplishment—and you’ll be hungry. At VBT, we treat your dining experience as a vivid, essential, and unforgettable feature of regional heritage and local tradition: cuisine as culture. Come join our table.

Cuisine as culture

Whether in Poland or Puglia, Sonoma or Seville, regional cuisine reveals a culture’s connection with the bounty of its gardens, pastures, seas, and streams. In Vietnam, it might be a steaming bowl of phô, brimming with noodles and aromatic herbs. Perhaps some Spanish sangria and tapas. Or maybe a juicy Argentine steak, with black beans, piquant chimichurri sauce, and a glass of robust Malbec.

“My Journey through Vietnam was a life-changing experience of natural beauty, friendly people, fascinating cultures, spectacular food, and spiritual enlightenment.” VBT Traveler—Vietnam

Most meals are included 

All our vacations include daily breakfast, many lunches, and most dinners. We vary the venues as well as the menus, so along with new taste sensations you’ll enjoy a delightful ambiance. A good hearty breakfast gets you off to a great start—there won’t be any skimpy continental breakfasts with VBT. We generally enjoy lunch en route. It might be that you amble into a tiny Irish village and grab lunch on your own at the neighborhood pub. Or enjoy a wonderful included midday feast at a Bordeaux vineyard after touring the cellars. We take our included dinners together, a great opportunity to enrich camaraderie. We deliberately leave a few meals free so you can try local restaurants on your own. Your Trip Leader will have great recommendations.

“One of the most important things for me was meeting Croatians, visiting their homes, having a chance to eat excellent Croatian food, and enjoying their company. Croatia stole my heart.” VBT Traveler—Croatia
“It was a full sensory experience....feasting on olives and cheeses and seafood and the local Primitivo red wine. Did I mention I learned to make pasta with the master chef at the amazing masseria where we stayed?” VBT Traveler—Puglia: Italy’s Undiscovered Coast 

Travel globally, eat locally!

Food always tastes better after you’ve worked up an appetite in the great outdoors. But it will taste great with VBT because we only dine at establishments that serve fresh, locally sourced ingredients, artfully prepared. Much of our cuisine is organic, and frequently it’s been cultivated right on the premises. In Puglia, for instance, our masseria boasts its own olive grove and press. Count on freshness and variety, including vegetarian alternatives.

“The included lunches were in intimate settings with local folks who prepared scrumptious meals for our group. The settings were outstanding. We had a cooking class, an olive oil tasting, and an evening in a local bar with Flamenco singers and dancers. I felt that my husband and I got to know Spain in a way that many tourists do not.”  VBT Traveler—Spain

Our signature picnics

Your VBT Trip leaders will surprise you now and then with one of our famous picnics. We’re not just talking about boxed lunches but delicious samplers of local delicacies, often just handpicked by your Trip Leaders at the local market. 

“The food on the trip is wonderful, especially the cooking class and the picnics. The restaurants VBT picks are excellent. We also got engaged on our trip, and it couldn’t have been a more romantic experience.”  VBT Traveler—Burgundy

A toast to local wines and spirits

Burgundy … Bordeaux … the Douro … the Russian River Valley … Tuscany. We bring you to the world’s most celebrated wine-growing regions, and invite you to sample local vintages during included winery tours and private tastings, as well as during some meals. On select vacations we will also have the opportunity to try local spirits such as Polish vodka and Irish whiskey. 

“The dinners in both Chateau de Sanse and Vigiers were extraordinary and, of course, paired with lovey French wines. We also learned new things about wines and wine production on the vineyard tour. It was quite memorable.” VBT Traveler—Bordeaux

Join our special culinary departures

Every VBT trip is a gastronomic adventure, but for the true foodies among us, on select dates we kick it up a notch with special culinary events. Timed with the growing season, we include cooking classes, market visits, visits with local food producers, and more. For specific dates and more information, visit our Special Culinary Departure page.

“We ended one ride at a small village where it was market day, and we treated ourselves to wonderful bread and cheeses and olives as we perused the local craft booths. It was a joy to be riding a bicycle so easily and freely through such an amazing place.” VBT Traveler—Provence
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